This extension supports legacy power management function of the wireless LAN (IEEE 802.11).

This is based on infrastructure mode support for IEEE 802.11 of ns-2.33.

How to use

See sample script at: tcl/ex/powersave.tcl

Access point node can be configured with DTIM period by the following command.

  $mac_(ap_node) set DTIMPeriod_ 1

STA node can be configured as PS-Mode by the following command.

  $mac_(sta_node) set isPowerSave_ true

To setup the power configuration, use $ns node-config parameters like as:

   $ns_ node-config .... \
    -txPower 0.660 \
    -rxPower 0.395 \
    -idlePower 0.035 \
    -sleepPower 0.001 \
    -initialEnergy 1000

After simulation, you can show the remaining node energy by the following command:

   puts [$node_(sta_node) energy]
You can check node behaviors with nam tool.